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    How to add text to iPhoto pictures?
    Forgive me if this has already been addressed but I am new here and fairly new to the Mac. I have a MacBook. I am using Lion OS and I am trying to add text to a picture in iPhoto. I've tried moving the photo into preview and using the anotate feature. The text button is grayed out. I read somewhere on the web that you have to convert the picture to PDF? I can't figure how to do that. If this is the case, how do you convert a picture in iPhoto to PDF format? If you don't have to take that route, how can I get my greyed out text in preview to become active? Maybe there is another approach to this whole mess. Thanks for your input in advance. Tony

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    To be honest, I have always used other software, my favorite for this being Imagewell.
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    Hi, no special software required and certainly no need to convert to pdf. Preview is the answer as you tried. It's perhaps the way you are 'moving the image from iPhoto to Preview. You need to export the picture from iPhoto to, say, the desktop, then double click to load into Preview. have you tried that.

    BTW this has been answered many, many times before as a simple search would have shown
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    Iphoto and texts
    You CAN add text to IPhoto 08. I just did it based on a post. Here is how to do it step by step;
    Take your photo
    drag your photo out of IPhoto onto your desktop(I have the 08 version-To see your version of IPhoto- Open IPhoto, then look at the top left corner of your Mac screen next to black Apple logo, click on "Iphoto", click on "About Iphoto" then window that pops up tells you your version in the title).
    You drag the photo by going to the photos section of IPhoto-left click on the photo once until it's highlighted with a yellow border-left click again and HOLD DOWN your left click and drag the photo to you desktop (while dragging you will see a red and green button appear.
    Once on the des top look up at the top of your screen for the menu bar again for the "TOOLS" menu.
    Scroll down for the "ANNOTATE" option and Choose TEXT
    Your cursor will now change to a + sign. put your cursor over the area of photo you want to add text to and LEFT CLICK and then DRAG your + sign left to right to open your text box.
    Once you have your rectangle text box open-You will see directly above the photo an "A" Click on the A to open your font menu to choose size/type of font. Type your font!
    You can also change the color of your font by left clicking and holding your left mouse button and scrolling over your typed (this is called highlighting your text. Then choose the color of font you want. I chose white for my text as it was easiest to see.
    Click on file and then click SAVE
    NOTE: Once your done with your text BE SURE it's all EXACTLY correct because I haven't found a way to edit my text after it's saved!

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