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    Question Saving edited photos from CS5 to iphoto?
    This is my first post on the forum so please be gentle

    I have just purchased photoshop CS5 Extended and have started to edit my photos that i have in iphoto (11),

    I have opened CS5 and then got a photo from iphoto done some editing to the photo then re saved the photo whilst in cs5 by using 'save' and also tried 'save as'
    When i look at the photos in iphoto, the small photo in events looks like i have not edited the photo, but if i double click on the photo and it comes up large, the photo shows as i have edited it!?
    so question is how do i save the photo in iphoto as the edited version? as then i can easily see which photos i have already edited.
    Many thanks and i hope i have given you enough information, if not i'm sure you will ask for it!
    I have a newish mac OS X running version 10.6.8
    Thank you

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    You are doing it wrong, and risking your entire iPhoto Library.


    The correct procedure would be to set CS5 as your default editor from *within* iPhoto (preferences).

    So you would:

    1. Open iPhoto.
    2. Select the picture you want to work on.
    3. Double-click it (or right-click and select external editor); this will cause Photoshop to open your picture.
    4. Edit it in Photoshop to your heart's content.
    5. Save and close Photoshop.
    6. Picture is automatically and properly updated in iPhoto.

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    Hi Chas_m

    Many thanks for replying so fast and with such excellent information. We have only had our mac for almost a year so still getting my head around the different features and mystery's it holds!

    I will try out the info you have given me later on, many thanks

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    I don't use iPhoto anymore but I suspect it is similar to Aperture, in that if you do as Chas_m has suggested (which is the way it is supposed to be done) you will actually see the original and the edited photos when browsing events. I find this to be an excellent feature because using the cursor key to toggle back and forth in full-screen view helps to really see the changes (not sure you can do this in iPhoto BTW).
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    Many thanks for your comments, i have found them really useful and i have just been editing some more photos in the way Chas described and yes it has worked. So i am now busily editing loads of photos from our last holiday.

    Many thanks again


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    You're welcome Marie. Sorry I wasn't as "gentle" as I should of been, but I was seriously afraid you may be in danger of losing data.

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