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    Missing IPhoto App
    After upgrading from Tiger to Leopard on my MacBook Pro a few months ago, I recently discovered that my IPhoto application is missing! I had not been having any problems with it until now. I have thousands of photos which are still stored in IPhoto Library, thankfully. I ran into this problem with my old G4 a few years ago and lost all photos.

    Will reinstalling Leopard restore IPhoto, and what, if any, effect will this have on my stored photos?

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    Reinstalling Leopard will not remove your photos as Leopard by default does an Archive and Install reinstallation. However, since Murphy's Law likes to lurk about, it would be a very good idea to back your iPhoto Library up first. You can back it up to an external hard drive or flash drive.

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    Thanks for the info. I think that a flash drive backup is a very good idea.

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