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    Oct 04, 2010
    CAD Viewing software
    I'm looking for software for opening and viewing solid model CAD files such as .stp (STEP), .igs (IGES), dxf, .dwg, and .sldprt. I know e-Drawings is free from SolidWorks but that only views e-Drawings files.

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    Almost all the Mac CAD software can easily open dxf and dwg files. The others I'm not so sure about.

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    Oct 04, 2010
    My most important need is to open and view .stp (STEP) and .igs (IGES) CAD files.

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    Does Solid Works or PTC offer some type of Mac viewer?
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    This program says it can read STEP and IGS (and other CAD) files, plus a lot more:

    Key Features

    It's $130, but that's cheap as CAD programs go.

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