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    Can't upload Facebook app to Iphoto '08
    I'm running OS 10.5.8 with Iphoto '08 on an Imac. I'm trying to download the Facebook app for exporter. I believe it is installed correctly but never shows up on the top of the exporter menu. I downloaded the Shutterfly exporter without problem. Do I need Iphoto '09? Any help is appreciated.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    The Facebook Exporter plug-in for iPhoto requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (PowerPC or Intel) and iPhoto 5 or later. Without these specifications (or better) the plug-in will not work.
    Their page on Facebook mentions that there are some issues with 7.1.3

    I am having trouble using iPhoto 7.1.3.
    Please upgrade to the latest version of iPhoto.
    So, open iPhoto.. click on iPhoto and 'About iPhoto' and see what version it is. (iPhoto '11 is 9.1.5 as installed on my machine)
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