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Thread: Transferring Photos From iPhoto To CD

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    Transferring Photos From iPhoto To CD
    I must be dense. I have been trying to figure this out, but have not to date. All I want to do is transfer some simple photos to a cd, but nothing has worked. I even tried putting them on a DVD, but iDvd won't let me sign in using the same password I set up everything on my Mac with. Arggg

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    iDVD doesn't require a sign-in, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there.

    There are multiple ways to put photos on a CD from iPhoto, but the simplest is to follow this procedure:

    1. Insert blank CD into your Mac. Wait for the icon to show up on the desktop.

    2. Open iPhoto. Be sure you can still see the icon for the blank CD on the desktop (iow, don't make iPhoto full screen).

    3. Select the photos you want, one at a time or in batches or whatever, and DRAG them onto the blank CD.

    4. When finished, drag the CD to the "trash," which becomes a "burn" symbol. This will cause the CD to be burned with your photos.

    You're done!

    If you want to burn a more elaborate structure of photos (multiple albums or what have you), you might want to check out this free program: iPhoto To Disk

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    Moved to correct forum. Does not belong in "Switcher".

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