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    Sorting by date all wonky in iPhoto '11
    I'm trying to sort my photos by date. I View>Sort Photos> by date. It's not quite right.

    1st title is giving me dates Aug 22, 2004-Dec 30, 2005

    2nd title is giving me dates Aug 23, 2004

    3rd is Aug 24, 2004-Mar 15, 2005.

    I would THINK that if I sort by date it should be chronologically and not all mixed in like that. Would it matter that they came from different cameras?

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    I don't know what the "titles" are that you're referring to, could you clarify that? Do you mean albums?

    I just opened iPhoto, selected the "Photos" view, selected to sort by "Date" (ascending) and did indeed notice a picture at the very bottom (the most recent ones) that was not recent. I did a "get info" on the picture and discovered that its time stamp was totally wrong -- claims to have been taken NEXT December rather than LAST December.

    I used iPhoto's menu to change the date, then resorted by date (selecting "descending" and then "ascending" again), and the picture in question was back where it should be.

    This leads me to believe that one of your cameras may have time-stamped the photos incorrectly, which is probably the root cause of what you're seeing. You can batch-change time stamps on photos or change them individually within iPhoto.

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