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andygravity 09-26-2005 01:46 PM

questions before i buy a mac...
i'm gonna post this thread in a few forums (here, anything goes, design, and video) so pls excuse if you've caught this one already..

i'm seriously considering getting a mac, and have a number of questions..
i plan to do a lot of photoshop and illustrator work, and would like to get into animation and video editing and production, as well as sound production and stuff. i have a project in my head that would involve taking video and enhancing it with animated elements, or "drawing" over the frames... (think DIY budget motion capture type stuff) i also want to do freelance design work on my free time, as well as spend next summer doing a bit of travelling and doing a documentary.
i'm certianly no pro in any of these departments, (aside from photoshop/illustrator) but im a whiz with software and i'm pretty confidant that w/ enough time i can get what i have in my head out on a disk... anyways i'll quit rambling an get to the point
portability would be a great asset, but i know for the $$ spent on a powerbook i can get a much more powerful powermac

my main question - can a powerbook handle video editing and animation type work (and possibly eventually 3d software - blender maybe?) well enough to learn and play on? i could spend ALOT more time working and learning if i could carry my projects around w/ me.. and love the idea of going to an event, filming it, and working on the final video on the trip back.. i know that for, say, after effects, the ati mobility radions DO support the open gl functions, but the system reqs suggest dual processors..

also - i have a sony handicam that records onto mini dvds - could a powerbook be used to capture video directly to the hard drive, bypassing the time restraints and cost of the disks?

lastly - any good tips on software (animation, video compositing, editing, etc - aside from the adobe family) i may want to look into, or any other good forums or sites for this kinda stuff, and any random thoughts, would be appreciated

i'm kinda leaning twords the 17" with a gig of ram vs... well whatever, any of the powermacs really. i know the $$ saved on the powerbook will afford a bigger monitor and more power @ home, and a longer lifespan in geneal as far as hardware becoming obsolete.... but will the PB be enough to do what i want, or would i be better off in the long run just going with a more powerful g5 and biting the bullet on the portability issue?

thanks alot

DCraver 09-26-2005 01:49 PM

First off, I answered your post already. Second of all this is totally aganst forum rules. Don't ever post more than on espically in multiple forums. The Switchers Hangout was a perfect place to put it and you just ruined it. You're gonna get in trouble... Haha. Just don't do it again. And next time you join a forum or community, READ THE RULES. Thank you, I'll be here all night. Haha.

andygravity 09-26-2005 01:59 PM

haha WOOPS.

rman 09-26-2005 02:25 PM

Thread closed due to rules. See the thread below:

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