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    iPhoto runs painfully slow
    I need a hand with iPhoto. I've been having some serious performance problems with the program, and I have no idea what to do. I'll start by saying I don't know a thing about repairing permissions, rebuilding things, and all that.. I'm not a computer guy, so if the problem is obvious to you experts out there, take it easy on me.
    So, I don't have a terribly large collection of photos, probably around 1000... But using the program has become nearly impossible. If I make any adjustment to a photo, i.e. name, levels, effects etc..., I get the spinning beachball for minutes at a time until I can move to the next picture. It can take nearly ten minutes just to make simple adjustments to three pics.
    I looked at my pictures folder, and the iphoto library is 9 something gigs. I'm using the latest version of iPhoto, running the latest version of Leopard on a macbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Launch iPhoto holding down the shift, option and command keys. You will be presented with a dialogue box of repair options. Check everything and let it do its thing.

    Report back and let us know if that helped.

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