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    Poor quality iDVD - I need help and fast!
    Hi everyone.
    I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere but I can't find the thread.
    I've just made a beautiful slideshow in Aperture 3. Exported it at highest quality, checked it and it looks great. Then imported it in iDVD to "ready it" for burning. Quality looks great in iDVD.
    I burned it at "professional quality" and the result is abysmal. Even the images on the title screen look blurry...and that's when viewed on the MacBook Pro, let alone on a TV. Can someone advise what the problem is please? I need to give the DVD to the recipient tonight as a birthday present!
    Help! Please?
    Thank you.

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    This probably comes to late to help, but chances are what you are seeing is the effect of downsizing the photos.

    DVDs have a resolution roughly equivalent to 720x480 at 72dpi. This is, chances are, around 10x lower resolution than what it was when you put it together in Aperture.

    If you'll resize the photos to be that size BEFORE assembling the slideshow and BEFORE you bring it into iDVD, chances are you'll have much better results. Give it a try and see if that doesn't help.

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    May 17, 2011
    Thank you. I suppose I'll have to try that for the next one. It's a shame really. These shots are all at 300dpi and much larger size than you suggest.
    It's a real shame.

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    That's NTSC for ya (not that PAL's much better), but if iDVD supported Blu-Ray burning you could probably create a BR disc that would come a lot closer to the quality you're looking for.

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