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    Transferring photos from your camera
    How do you all transfer your photos from your camera to your Mac? I always import them to a folder with Image Capture, which also automatically runs the new photos through ExifRenamer. After that, I drag/drop them into iPhoto.

    I feel a bit more organized that way. I burn the "un-messed-around-with" files to CD and also keep extra copies on my external HD.

    How do you all do it? Just a direct import to iPhoto? I'm just curious. :miner:

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    I either use Image Capture or if I am feeling extra lazy, just a direct import into iPhoto.
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    direct import with iPhoto - it pops open when I plug in the camera. If I want to tweak the pics I open them in PS

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    i use a usb card reader, just copy all the files and move them to folder of choice.

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