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    photo organization
    I am a Macbook user. It came with I-Photo, I have Aperture and Light-room as well as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Here is my problem, I have pics all over in different libraries and just want to store in one location, especially for transfer and edit purposes. I had the I-photo quite some time before the other software. Now when I plug in my camera, it seems that everything downloads into the Aperture Library. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I'm pretty happy with Adobe Bridge.

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    Normally you can choose the location of where to put downloaded photos from the camera.

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    Have you tried moving them?
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    Sounds like you have wasted a fair amount of money on all that extra software (I'm not even sure what Dreamweaver is doing in your post) looking for a photo organization app.

    iPhoto should be perfectly adequate (actually, <i>well above adequate</i> for most people's photo-organization needs. If you're shooting more-or-less exclusively in RAW or need to store a really enormous library, then I might suggest Aperture, Lightroom or ACDSee Pro for Mac, depending on how much of the organizing work you want to control yourself. I personally can't stand Adobe Bridge, but it's personal taste I guess.

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    Thanks Chas m, but have not spent a penny, it is a work perk for the software and I just put it on, never used any of it yet to be honest. I dont do much more than Aperture, but for some reason the stuff is all over. I looked last night and Lightroom for some reason captures images and webpages from facebook, I deleted over 500 last night. I just want one place to store everything, so I can burn to a DVD or external HD. And get this crap off of my MacBook. I dont even really shoot in raw anymore. Not a power user by any stretch, and until Chris mentioned Bridge, I forget it was part of the Adobe group. If it stores in Aperture, it does not go to any other location ? Thanks for any help

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