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    recommendation on using iPhoto with Dropbox
    getting out of space on my HD I'm thinkning of just moving my iPhoto library to Dropbox since this means I don't have to remember to do backups any more either. Anyone that has already done this and can recommend it? I've read a bit about it and it seems there's an issue with aliases in iPhoto 11 which causes the Dropbox stored library to double in size, but since I'm not using 11 maybe it is ok anyway...
    Thankful for any guidance.

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    Instructions on moving your iPhoto library here.

    I might reconsider Dropbox - the iPhoto library tends to grow quite quickly and you'd be using quite a bit of bandwidth. Let's also remember that when you put something in Dropbox, there is still a copy on your computer so you won't have solved your space issue.
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