Dear Forum,

I would like to be able to generate an uncompressed Greyscale TIFF from a PDF file. I can produce a TIFF with Preview, but it seems the best I can do is get the screen resolution (something like 175 DPI at best). I'm not even 100% sure I'm getting an uncompressed TIFF.

(A side question would be - how to determine the DPI and compression of a TIFF file?)

The reason I want to do this is I have music in PDF format. I scan this into Finale and it seems to mostly work if I first print out a hard copy, then scan the hard copy to uncompressed TIFF (400 DPI) then convert this file. Printing out a hard copy seems really silly if I already have a soft copy (PDF) on my laptop. And I'd like to cut the printer/scanner out of the loop if possible.

Thanks for any constructive advice.