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    more than 10,000 photos?
    I am importing my photos from an external hard drive. Does the All Images folder accept it if it's more than 10,000 images? That's where I should put all my images, correct?

    I ended up putting all my photos in the pictures folder. Am I correct in saying the All Images folder is where I can find all the versions of the images and are not meant for me to put my photos in?

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    All Images is not a real folder, per se. You don't put anything in or taking anything out of it. It's in the sidebar of Finder to give you a shortcut access to (wait for it...) all your images.
    You can put your pictures in that picture folder or create a new one somewhere else or divide them up however you want. There's no correct or incorrect way to store your photos. Enjoy!
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    "All Images" isn't a folder at al, despite the look of it. It is a search (a "saved search" actually).

    Each time you click on "All Images," the computer tries to show you every image file -- from anywhere on your drive -- that it can find.

    If you're putting your photos into iPhoto, remember that iPhoto will automatically store your photos in its own "vault" -- meaning that after you've imported them into iPhoto, you no longer need to keep the ones in the Pictures folder.

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