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    Adjusting settings in iPhoto/making unneeded duplicate copies.
    I really love the simplicity of iphoto, however I'm having issues downloading pictures from my camera. They download just fine, but it will make two copies of the photo plus a executable section for that photo. So if I download 10 pics, I get one more set of 10, plus a executable file for each picture. 30 items total, when all I want to download are the 10 photos. How do I go in and fix this in iPhoto or is it something I need to fix in my Canon 50D? Any and all help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Are you shooting in RAW on your Canon 50D? If so, I think what is happening is that you are getting the RAW file (TIFF preview), the JPG file (that is created at the same time on your camera, also transferred) and a sidecar file for RAW adjustments.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "executable section" I think that must be the sidecar file or something but if you could describe it another way it would be helpful to figuring out what's going on. Macs don't have executables, so that's the reason behind my confusion.

    BTW if you are shooting RAW and getting both RAW and JPG copies of the picture, that's something your camera is set to do. You can change that (if desired) in the camera's preferences.

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    Thank you so much sir. That is exactly what I had my camera set at (RAW). As you can tell, I'm very much a photography beginner. My wife (not a fan of Mac computers at all), used it as another reason to bash on my preference for Mac's' over PC's. At least she won't be able to bash on my Mac, just me for not knowing how to use my camera LOL. My next mission in life is to get her to like Mac computers. I may have to get her a 13" MBP just to **** her off.

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