hi guys. i got an epson 1280 here, boy is that a nice printer!

In winblows i learned to print borderless 8x11s ok sweet. Only windows wont print large format paper (it crashes) so i hooked it up to my mac. NICELY i can set my own page sizes.

I learned how to set it borderless in apple printer preferences.

I went to print a picture 11x17. NOw i know cropping occurs. No big deal at all, the photo i was printing could lose some on the sides.

Only when i printed it, it printed perfectly on the top, on the sides, but the bottom had a bout a 1" space, and it clipped it from the top..its like it just moved the image up.

any ideas? photoshop issue? i did click ceter image. i set the image to be 12.8x17, told it to proceed with clilpping, and sitll got blank space. HOw?

thanks ina dvance.