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    photos on external HD
    I hooked an external HD up and backed up everything .. 159 gb of files on my 27 imac .. I have almost 50 gb of photos in iphoto , where on the external HD would those photos be ..?.. What are the steps to get to them ..?

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    The photos are in iPhoto's library on your main hard drive, and in the same place on the backup drive.

    If you'd like to move the iPhoto library OFF the main hard drive, that's easy to do -- but then you'll need another external for that, plus a method for backing them up as well.

    To move an iPhoto library to another drive:

    1. Locate the iPhoto Library package in Users/[you]/Pictures. Copy this package to the external drive.

    2. Launch iPhoto holding down the option key. You will be prompted to create or open a new iPhoto Library file. Select open and point to the iPhoto Library file on your external.

    3. Verify that all your photos are there by opening up a few random ones in iPhoto. Once you're sure everything's there, quit iPhoto.

    4. You can now delete the iPhoto Library file on your boot drive. iPhoto will henceforth look to the external when you launch iPhoto (no option key needed).

    Of course, if the external isn't mounted, iPhoto will again ask you to find the iPhoto Library file or create a new (empty) one.

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    Search for .jpg ?

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