I have a Mac Book pro, running OS 10.6.6. I am having problems viewing images in RAW (.CR2) format in CS4 Bridge and Photoshop. I use a Canon 5D mark II to shoot the RAW files.

I have used auto update to install the latest software update (version 5.0) for Adobe CS4 and have also checked my hard drive for errors in Disk Utility. All seems fine. On the Adobe website, Canon 5D Mark II is listed as being compatible, however, I still get a generic thumbnail when I view the RAW files in Bridge and when I try to open up in Photoshop, it tells me the file is not a recognised file type!

I have thousands of images to work on so don't want to convert to DNG format. The RAW files do open fine on Canon's own software - Digital Photo Professional but it is very clunky to use, especially on thousands of images at a time.

Please help!