I think profiles get corrupted when system upgrades occur. What used to work doesn't anymore.

I've found that in the "ColorSync" utility, the "Verify" and "Repair" profile tabs find errors in up to 15 profiles, including very common ones like matte and glossy prints - they are eerily irreparable and downloading them again from Epson does not help.

I have spent hours of time and mountains of paper / ink on this, but I think I have a working solution.

If you attempt to make photo-quality prints with a G5 and Epson printer using Photoshop, the rules have changed.

Using the right paper profile isn't enough anymore.

I have discovered that you need to check the arcane box, "Preserve RGB Numbers" when you select the profile for the paper you intend to use from the "View" menu - the colors in your image will become way off, and will need to be corrected using levels, curves, and hue/saturation - once it matches the colors you intended, be sure to pick the right printer and profile in the Photoshop dialogue box; let Photoshop manage colors, and in the Epson dialogue box, turn off the color management.

The prints will then come out pretty much as intended.

Be sure to save the "print" version as a separate copy of your photo should you want to print it again later. The colors will look odd when you open it the first time, but when you select the intended profile from the "View" and "Custom" menu, it will pop back into proper range - remember, the "Preserve RGB Numbers" box must be checked for these changes to take effect and run the printer properly from Photoshop directions.

Anyone wanting detailed step-by-step instructions, ask me. I'm glad to send mine.

This process has been incredibly fickle for several months, I can't guarantee anything, but it appears to be reliable reproducible now - subject to radical change with the next OS upgrade.

I hope this process is better in the Pentium model, but I don't own one yet.