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    Unhappy Help transferring photos from iPod touch 2G to new MBP!!
    Hi everyone,

    My house just recently burned down and I lost my MacBook. I did manage to save my iPod touch, however. So now I am faced with the ordeal of retreiving all my music, photos, contacts, and apps from my iPod and onto my new Macbook Pro. I went ahead and bought Aiseesoft iPod Manager for Mac because it said it transferred music AND photos, but it wouldn't finish "loading" the content of the iPod and would eventually stop altogether. So after giving up on that I bought Senuti and that worked for my music. But my photos and contacts are still on my iPod, and I would really really like to get them off without emailing each individual photo (or even 5 at a time) to myself. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks so much!

    I have a MacBook Pro, OSX version 10.6.7, my ipod touch is iOS version 4.2.1 (8C148). (sorry, this is my first post so I don't know all the info i need to put)

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    I've had some good luck with iPhone Explorer. It allows you to browse the file structure and pull files back over. One thing, if the pics were copied to the iPod from the computer, they're going to be in a database file, and not readily accessible from the Finder. I have used FileJuicer to extract images from the database. It's free to try, but images have a FileJuicer watermark on them. If you pay for the app ($17.95), it removes the watermark.

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    I recommend <a href="">Pod to Mac</a> ($20) for this. Preserves everything (ratings, playlists, photos, etc).

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