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    Camera buying help
    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread:

    My wife and I are expecting out first child (baby girl; Cambree Taylor) and are looking for a new camera that takes excellent photos and possibly shoot short videos of her. Photography is not my strong point so looking for the photo gurus. I don't need anything with super big lenses or anything like that. Just a pretty easy to use camera that takes great photos. Trying to stay in the $500 range.

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    You can probably find a dozen or so reviews of various cameras on line or by visiting one of the popular camera magazine web sites.

    Also you should decide whether you want a point and shoot camera or one that is more sophisticated. A DSLR camera is probably beyond your budget but there are some really nice point and shoot cameras for less than $500.

    I'm assuming you're wanting to use the camera with your Mac? You mentioned you had a MBP, most cameras work well with a Mac. Even the real cheap models (like the one I have) are usually recognized when attached.

    I'm sure you'll get some replies with suggestions.

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    Cameras are such a personal choice, what I like may not be for you.

    However check out the Canon Powershot S95.
    or the Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ20

    Just a couple of suggestions.

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    I agree with all the advice you've gotten so far. Below is one of many pretty good sources for info on cameras.

    Digital Camera Resource Page | Unbiased Digital Camera News and Reviews

    For my mind you would be hard pressed to beat a good superzoom like the Pana Lumix FZ28 (which I have) or its replacements (I think FZ35 is the current model but not sure).

    I would also second the advice concerning DSLRs. They require an investment in time and effort to learn you may not be interested in making. But, if you are leaning that way we can point you toward some good entry level systems (like the Nikon D3100 for example).
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    Im selling a Nikon D3000 for under your budget. PM me if your interested
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