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    Outsourcing Negative & Slide Scanning.. Suggestions?
    I need to have some 35mm negatives and 35 slides scanned professionally... anyone have a suggestion of where to get them done? I'm looking to balance cost with quality.

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    Find a local photography shop. Look it up online or, if you've got one, in the Yellow Pages. These shops were the ones that used to sell camera equipment, but have pretty much gotten out of that market due to their inability to compete with the big box stores and the online resources available.

    Many of them now do photo scanning (slides, negatives) as well as conversions from other media (8 mm to DVD, etc.) and other photo-related services, such as prints from digital media to canvas. Wolf Camera or Ritz Camera may even do this. Where I live, there is an independent photo store that does remarkable work for a reasonable price. They also tend to have very knowledgeable people that work there who can assist you with nearly all of your photo needs.

    Good luck.
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    Costco will do a decent job of scanning the slides, but if you want people with a real eye for it to clean up, color correct and generally touch up the slides as well as *just* scan them, I second txtchr's advice.

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