Hi, everyone,

This is an issue I'm experiencing with a program many of you may not use, but it is designed to be used with SMARTBoard interactive whiteboards.

This is the message I posted in SMART Technologies developer ecosystem, but I thought it may also be a Mac-specific issue instead of just their software:

"I am working for a client for whom I am redeveloping elements of a PDF resource. One of their requests is screen capturing from the PDF at a level that allows very clear viewing at the 300% level of zoom at which Notebook maxes out.

By using the Windows Abobe Reader snapshot tool at a high-zoom capture, it works like a charm in the latest Windows version of SMART Notebook. At 100 or 300 percent, pixelization is almost non-existent. It almost looks like a PDF-quality document, even though the text are just images.

When that Notebook file is then used in the latest Mac version of SMART Notebook, the resolution is very pixellated at mormal 100%, but zooming in at 300% gives a very clear image.

The same occurs if I use the snapshot tool in the Mac version of Adobe Reader in the same technique that works very successfully in the Windows platform.

Both machines are working at 1280X800 resolution.

What tool(s) or techniques can you recommend to use that would eliminate this issue, or is it something that the Mac version just cannot support?

Many thanks for any suggestions or guidance!"

If anyone here could give the same in regards to capturing/pasting high-res images from PDF files, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also curious if anyone here uses the PDF to image converters out there, and if one in particular is very good at generating very high quality images from each PDF page.