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    Unhappy iPhoto - The volume for "IMG_222" cannot be found.
    iPhoto '11 (9.1.1) is having problems with some of my photos in just a few event folders. I have 14,460 photos in 227 Event folders. I used iPhoto Library Manager (Fat Cat Software - Home) to create a Shared directory for my wife and I to edit/view the same collection of photos.

    Everything was working very well for several weeks. The last two Event folders are now having issues where I can see the thumbnail and even open the picture, but after a second it comes up with that error shown in thread title.

    The options/buttons are OK which does nothing, Cancel which makes the picture go away and give the same error on two more photos, and lastly Find Photo which opens up Finder but the iPhoto file is grayed out.

    I seen an older post on some Mac forum that suggested to chmod -R 777 on the Shared/Photos dir. That seemed a bit extreme.


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    I'd use spotlight to try and find the image. It may have been moved or even worse deleted. ( Check the trash). Can you find images that are within the same event folder?

    If Spotlight finds it . I'd be inclined to copy it , place it in a new folder and try to reimport the copy

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