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Thread: iWeb and sharing photos

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    iWeb and sharing photos
    I would like to find a way that clients can have a secure area on iWeb to access their photos and download them. I would like to be able to have 7-10 different sets of clients photos each in a secure page. We shoot at very large resolution photos. If you have any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!!

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    What resolution you shoot the photos at is irrelevant (except for the bill you're going to pay for the storage space and bandwidth used from your hosting service).

    You can password-protect any page on an iWeb site, so I'm not sure what you might need beyond that.

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    Thanks for your response
    Please excuse my ignorance, but I can't seem to find out how to password protect one page only, just the entire site. Could you walk me through it?

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    I don't know how to do it either and I don't have the latest version.

    As far as I know, password protection only works with MobileMe and only on the whole site. I have read about creating a one page site, password protecting it, and then linking to it from your main site. This may work for you.

    If there is another way, someone should come along to correct me soon enough. (They always do. )
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    Thanks Bob, that was the method I was going to suggest -- make the photo page it's own (private) site, and then link it to any other site you want.

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    The problem with the proposed solutions is I need a album page where clients can choose their case and see only their photos. The proposed solution would not allow for more than one page of photos. I do appreciate the responses so far and look forward to hearing more ideas

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    iWeb is not the solution for what you want to do. I'd suggest moving on to something like Rapidweaver.

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