Posted this in the general OS X forum but thought I'd put it here as well:

At my job, we recently purchased a new MacBook Pro with OS X 10.6.7. In the process of transferring stuff over from the old machine (OS X 10.4.11), I discovered that the new computer won't recognize FFIL files. These are font files and apparently FFIL is a Font Book specific file type. The new comp thinks they are "Unix Executable File" and gives them that gray icon with the green "exec" text.

Any idea on how to correct this? I'm a designer and really need to get the same fonts on this new machine, otherwise I'll have a real mess on my hands when I have to go update old files created on the previous machine.

UPDATE: The user technologist helped me in the other thread I posted in the main OS X forum. Turns out it was because I was transferring the files over my company's Windows server. All I had to do was zip all the fonts before throwing on the server. Works fine now!