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    Making your own icons in Gimp
    Open a new window 128x128, go to Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel.

    You can then erase the white B/G and add your own artwork. Save it as a ".ico" to your Desktop then drag into Pixadex and set with Candybar. I've been making them like crazy, it's really cool having your own handdrawn icons.

    ...and Gimp is free.

    Get Pixadex
    Get Candybar
    You need X11 before you can download Gimp.
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    It wont let me install gimp because it says it requires apples X11, but when I try to install X11 it says a newer version is installed on my computer and that it cant install it. Do you know if this is possible in photoshop because it sounds really neat.

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    yes it's possible in photoshop , all you need to do is make the icon the size you want, i would say import an icon and then use that size and go from there. just save it as the file format you would like and that's all.

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