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    Photoshop Express for iPad?
    Just read that Adobe released Photoshop Express 2.0 for iPad... Has anyone used this? If it supports Bridge or Nikon NEFs this could REALLY add to the toolbar for photogs like me when out in the field!


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    I don't know ... how accurate is the iPad screen for calibrated color?
    I may have to test this out in a few weeks.
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    sierra, kpmedia: you guys are totally barking up the wrong tree.

    Photoshop Express is the "baby" edition of Photoshop -- not even remotely close to the power of iPhoto.

    It's basically good for -- well, not much in terms of anything to do with serious photography. It's aimed at people who want to take a JPEG or webcam picture, crop it, maybe apply an effect or brighten it a bit, and post it to social networks right away. That is pretty much all it's good for.

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    My impressions of Photoshop Express for iPad...
    Since my original post, I've since downloaded the free Photoshop Express and bought the $3.99 camera add-on, and I really like it. I just want to say that I went in knowing that this was NOT a full-blown Photoshop for iPad. My main purpose for getting something for the iPad like this was so that I could easily move JPG images from my Nikon to the iPad, make simple tweaks, and immediately upload to the web while in the field. It turns out that Photoshop Express is fantastic for just this! I've posted a quick review of it on my website: SierraPhoto.

    I typically shoot in RAW, but it's only a second to change to JPEG for a quick upload once I get the RAW shots done. My workflow between Nikon, PS Express, and upload is very fast at this point. PS Express is a great little app!

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