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    I don't know if my question is photoshop or something else... Plz help.
    I have a layout of a building in pdf. I'm trying to place symbols (basically a circle with 2 lines to show a direction) What software would you recommend to accomplish this? I need to do this type of a project for my bids and I want it to look professional. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.

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    Illustrator, InkScape?

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    Illustrator's a bit pricey and Inkscape just isn't in the same league. You can actually do what you're asking to do in Preview directly ("Annotation" tools), but if you're going to do this regularly I'd suggest taking a look at Vectorworks or the brand new Artboard which looks pretty promising (Mac App Store, $20!).

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    Thanks! Inkscape worked perfectly. Again thanks a lot.

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