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    In, "All Images" 20-30+of same image??
    When I look in "all images" I see over 20-30+- of the same exact photo or image I may have opened in some website or loaded with my camera.
    Does this stay in my HD and clog up the memory?
    I've taken some time and sent most of them to the trash other than the "one" I keep/need.
    Whats up with all of that? How do you deal with that?

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    "All images" is a search, not really a folder. It would indicate that you have 20-30 copies of those pictures somewhere on your HD. This could be an issue or it could be nothing.

    It does not "clog up the memory," whatever that means.

    Mostly I would ignore it. You're probably looking at your own web browsers cache of those pictures, which can be cleared if you like. Unless you're doing a very poor job of organizing your pictures, it's unlikely you actually have 20-30 copies of each photo on your machine, so again I'd say just ignore it. I removed the "All Images" search as I couldn't figure out any reason why I'd ever want to use it, and could easily re-create it if I ever hit on one.

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