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Thread: Please help me with IWEB!!

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    Please help me with IWEB!!
    I have 50 files with about 50 images in each. I have been trying so hard for a client to see these images for about 48hrs now(no i am NOT kidding) every time it stars to upload.. it STOPS saying a picture cannot be uploaded for whatever reason, a 45 minute or more process in total.

    I go and delete that one image just to be sure it is not corrupted, when even if I didn't delete it 9 times out of 10 it would have probably upload anyways. I go ahead and repeat the process from the beginning. So annoying and frustrating.

    Is there anything I can do or can someone recommend to me a better more reliable image uploader (host) similar to .mac. Which I can send my clients the link. I don't mind if it is a pay sight. Just less stress full and more reliable than .mac Thank you in advance.

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    ok what you need to do is batch your files into 10 or twenty winzip / rar them up and then up load them to one of the file hosting sites i use hotfile,its quite easy site to use ,you upload all your files then send your client the relevant links to the files,he clicks the link and downloads your files,hope this helps you

    should you have any problems then message box me ,i will try and help you

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