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    can't load my iweb site after fiddling with iwebsites program
    Hi Folks,

    I was in the middle of constructing a large website which I decided to split into three separate sites using iwebsites program. Not really knowing what I was doing I got to fiddling. Then I changed my mind and deleted all the sites from iwebsites. Now iweb has nothing to open and is looking for a domain name?

    I'm freaking out here and I haven't time machine set up. I believe the problem is in the fact that there is nothing in my users/library/application_support/iweb folder but I don't know what's supposed to be there.

    All the relevant files are in the trash (I think but I'm not sure which ones to be looking for).

    Thanks for any time

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    You should contact the developer and explain, in as much detail as possible EXACTLY what you did.

    I don't know iWebsites well enough to give you specific advice, but iWeb NORMALLY stores *all* of its assets in a single file called "Domain" (actually called "Domain.sites2" with the extension turned on. This file is normally located in your home folder, under Library -> Application Support -> iWeb.

    Perhaps you can simply locate this file, put it back where it belongs and you will be back to where you were. I sure hope so. Be careful not to overwrite any "Domain" file that is already there (if one is there) -- that will make things worse, not better. Move the newer "domain" file out of that location but don't replace it until you are sure things are fixed.

    Having deleted sites from iWebsites is the same as deleting them from iWeb, as far as I know, which is why I suggest looking the trash. Again, the developer should be responsive (given a reasonable amount of time to reply) and helpful.

    PS. Really, it's time to develop a backup strategy already!

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