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    Using Preview to crop images
    Time and time again I read about all the things that Preview can do but I've just discovered that you can use it to crop images!

    OK, there was a post on this back in 2008, but I never even thought of searching - I've been going into iPhoto or PS Elements to crop photos without giving it a thought.

    It's such a time saver I thought it worthy of this post to share my 'new discovery'!

    (For those yet to use this feature, simply mark out the area to be cropped with the mouse and select Crop under Tools menu option)
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    Also in Preview you can select the area to be cropped, command+C, command+N, and it makes a new image cropped to your specifications. Some people might prefer to have the original and the cropped side-by-side for whatever reasons.
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    It is really amazing all that this "free" program can do.

    I use the crop feature in conjunction with iBooks and Calibre all the time. Most of the free (public domain) books available for download have plain vanilla covers. With Preview it is easy to dress up my library.
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