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    Creative Block
    I've been working diligently over the last few years on developing a business plan for a merchandise line, and it has been coming along nicely.. Just slowly..

    I'm currently at the point where I'm focusing on designing things for my merchandise, but lately have come to a complete halt. Even with my music production, things have been very slow..

    I feel like I'm lacking inspiration, and cannot get my mind to focus well enough to produce things worthy for sale.

    What do you guys do when your mind refuses to let your creative juices flow? I've been trying to look at other peoples'/companies work to kinda get the fires going again, but I'm still at a loss..

    Any tips or suggestions from any one who's into design/music? My merch is rock-alternative-based. Think stuff like Iron Fist.

    I spend about 98% of my time in Illustrator for my actual designs.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    For graphics, I like to spend some time looking at outstanding examples of design, or visit a museum. Sometimes looking at excellent work in an *entirely* different field than the one you're working in can be quite refreshing -- and inspiring!

    For writing, of course I like to read -- particularly the classics to see how people made the rules before the rules even ever got written down ...

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    For writing, I find if I go back to something I am working on and begin to edit it, it begins to spark new ideas on the downstream side.
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    In writing I find that Riff Writing helps me get out of a rut or a slow down. Usually, though, the ideas are in my head, swimming around and need to get them down on paper.

    Riff Writing is improvisation and it doesn't have to be on subject. I wrote a Riff the other day which ended up being scene in my novel.

    For instance, on your project I would design something completely different than you have been doing. Just do it without thinking, allowing yourself to flow with it.

    If find this sometimes leads right back into the project I was working on.

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