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    Creating Apple Mail Stationery Banner

    I want to create mail stationery that can form the basis of email sales campaign. The idea was to use the stationery and just change the text or subject for subsequent campaigns. Ive tried grabbing some graphics and saving them as .png using Preview. I can change using Photoshop to edit and save as a web image .jpg but when I drag it to an open email it wont let me view in place.

    Not sure im going about this the right way.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Oct 08, 2009
    Obviously that didnt make much sense so after having looked at it a bit more what I am really trying to do is create a small HTML advert for want of a better word and be able to send it by email to multiple customers. The advert would be a marketing update of services and events and include links to contact email addresses etc...

    I was going to use Iweb to create the ad but I cant see to save the ad in Iweb to a folder location or more importantly find a way to send HTML in Mac mail.

    Can anyone help please?



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