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    Adobe Photoshop CS5 Question
    I downloaded PS CS5; I'm curious about something.

    How can I alter it so it has Mac windows controls (red, yellow, green) at the top ?

    I bought a PS tutorial book to learn PS and in the book PS CS5 for Mac has the native window controls, but not mine.

    I think i have PS CS5 Extended. Any help ? See attached for pic of how PS application bar looks :
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    Hi UNDEREEM and welcome to the forum .. . .

    I know what your trying to say but i would just get into the tutorials and enjoy playing with PS CS5 . . .
    I have CS5 and mine is like yours. If you dont want it there once open click on another App or the desktop and it disappears . . . . If you want to quit it goto menu bar>Photoshop >Quit or just press cmd~Q . . . . .
    Here is a shot of mine for you

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    Try this,
    Go under the "Window" menu, and near the bottom turn on "Application Frame"
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    Where's a good place to get tutorials? I just got CS5 too.

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    I loled a little. >_<"

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