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    Hi, just looking for some feedback from mac users. The image below was created in Maya 2011 as part of a 3D modelling assignment where we had to model something from now & 25 years in the future.

    I know the reflections are slightly off, as is the contrast for the current iMac. Other than that, I'd appreciate your critique & opinions.

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    Its beautiful speculation, and the 3 dimensional work is amazing. But the present iMacs background is upside down.

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    The "future" iMac's axis is off-center, and I can see the Apple logo *through the left side of the future iMac's screen.

    Having said that, this is of course far better than I could have done!

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    I'd like to place an advance order for one. Where do I sign up?
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    Thank you Printerman - I hadn't noticed that.

    My final render:

    Higher resolution:

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