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    Hi i am wanted to create a asymmetrical shape in 3d and hopefully add graphics on the resulting shape. Is it possible to create asymmetrical shapes using adobe illustrator?

    If not do you know of any free 3d design software for mac.


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    Yes, it is possible to make asymmetrical shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

    Maybe this will help:
    10 Fresh And Impressive Adobe Illustrator Tutorials For Beginners

    It was the second item in a Google search on "asymmetrical shapes using Adobe Illustrator." (the first hit was your post!)

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    By the way, just to chime in here, one of my favorite resources for learning just about any software, CMS etc is still

    I would highly recommend checking them out if you're new and still learning through Illustrator.

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    Also I would recommend looking for some Adobe forum. I'm sure there is one

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    Blender is a great free 3D program for Mac. - Home
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