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    Editing IPhOTO 11 PHOTOS with PSE 9 - problem
    I just downloaded PSE 9 and have IPHOTO 11. I have set my IPHOTO preferences to permit editing in PSE 9. However, when I select "edit in external editor" over a picture in my IPHOTO library I am only taken to the PSE introductory page and the picture is not opened for editing. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Just FYI: it's "iPhoto," not IPHOTO. It's not an acronym.

    To solve your problem: I don't have PSE 9 so I can't be sure, but PSE 6 has a checkbox on the introductory page to disable it being shown each time you start up (it can be summoned when needed anyway), so I would go that route if possible.

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