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    I am creating a slideshow of events from a year of my motorcycle pictures. While playing the slideshow I would like the various Event Titles to be seen as the slideshow plays. I can only get the first Event Title to play - what am I doing wrong?

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    The first thing you're doing wrong is not mentioning what program you're using to make the slideshow. Is it iPhoto? Keynote? Something else?

    Telling us the model and OS version of your machine wouldn't hurt either.

    I get the impression we're talking about iPhoto here, in which case there's no way I know of to get more than the first event title to appear. You could make a series of slideshows -- one for each event -- or you could create a slideshow with no title on it, export it as an MP4 to iMovie, and add music and "title cards" or captions there very easily.

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