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    Burning photos to CD
    First, sorry for my english, I'm French.....

    I want to free up some space on my hard disk and save all the pictures I have in I photo on a CD. I also want to be able to read them on a windows-based computer or send them to a lab.

    Here is my problem, when I do it through File --> Export, it automatically duplicates them on my hard disk which, then, runs low on space. So I'm stuck and can't do anything. Great.

    I tried creating a Burn Folder, the same thing happened and I couldn't even drag one pic into it. I'm so frustrated with I photo right now , could someone please tell me what to do to fix this? Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    The way I do it, and others have different methods of course, is to use a program called Burn, which is free, or Toast if you have it, and simply insert a blank CD, drag my individual folders from the iPhoto window into Burn (data disc mode) and burn them that way.
    They should be readable on a Windows machine too.

    Have a look at this thread to give you an idea of what I mean, but instead of dragging to a HD drag to disc in Burn/Toast.
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    i would consider an external drive for all your photos or maybe just the older ones. you can create a second library on the new external drive by holding down the option key when you boot iPhoto. The external CD's would be a good backup for you also. i got in the habit of making a CD from the SD card before i imported into iPhoto. Then i got an external drive (several in fact) and use time machine. i also added Carbonite to backup off line.

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    I agree with using an external HD for storage, but honestly if your HD is so full that you can't burn CDs you really need to consider a new HD, if for no other reason than Leopard and Snow Leopard both require adequate free disk space to run properly, and from your post it sounds like you don't have it.
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    Another simple, free option for making sure that photos from iPhoto are burned onto a CD or DVD in such a way that PCs and everyone else can deal with them:

    iPhoto To Disk

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    Unfortunatley, Apple's built-in CD burning app creates copies of the files and burns the copies. As mentioned, Toast or Burn (and a few other apps) will burn form the original source file and don't require the added HD space to make a copy first.

    And as Razor mentioned, you really should consider adding a larger HD. If you can't get an extra 650-700MB of space available, you're flirting with disaster.
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    Boubou - you really need to make some space on your hard drive. Surely there must be temporary files, log files or such that you can get rid of? One way if there really is nothing that you can lose is to burn a few small files first, then delete them from the HD before burning a few more. In this way you'll gradually free up enough space to burn (and then delete) a full CD/DVD's worth.
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