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    Floor Plan Software
    I am looking for a floor plan software for mac that has a large library of images and is reasonably priced. At the moment I am redesigning my kitchen but would like to have a program that will allow me to design just about anything for my home including landscaping.

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    Punch! Software has some different home design and architect/blueprint stuff. I use Architect Series 3000 from a few yrs back.
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    Google's Sketchup is free and works very well. We are using it for a layout of our home for a Spring remodeling project. There are plenty of downloadable pieces (furnature, textures, people, trees, etc...). There are even free online videos on how to use it. Took me about 30 minutes of messing around to do a simple 3D layout our rooms.

    Google SketchUp
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    You can download SweetHome 3D and give it a whirl.
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    Highly recommend Sketchup. There is a pro version but the free one is a brilliant prog even before Google took it up. I know Architects who do presentations on it!
    BTW make sure you download the MAC version it used to confusing which one.

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