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    iPhoto Questions
    Hi all,

    I recently switched to mac and am extremely happy so far. I am just trying to get my head round the way iPhoto works. Specifically my questions are:

    When I finish organising my pictures in iPhoto, the Library will store all these new groupings, tags, faces etc... but if I were to do a backup on a flashdrive for instance and then wanted to view the pictures on a PC, how much of the grouping I did in iPhoto would stay when I view it in windows? Would it simply be the whole bunch of pictures unorganised as from the moment I imported them to iPhoto, or does some form of organisation transfer on...?

    I am curious because I want to organise my pictures by certain events that span over time, say a birthday over 3 days which I call "BDAY". as long as I m in iPhoto that's fine, but I am concerned that if I ever wanted to show someone on Windows my pictures I end up with a huge jumble...

    I transfered my old iPhone 3GS pictures onto my mac from my PC (i no longer have the 3GS, but the 4 instead). However, when I put these 3GS pics into iPhoto it did not categorise them into events by date as it did for my iPHone 4 pictures (which i transfered directly from the phone). I checked whether my 3GS pictures have "date taken" fields on them, and they do, so I am wondering why iphoto cant do the same for these pictures as it did for the iPhone4 pictures?

    On a side question, if I make changes to my 3GS pictures in iPhoto (which are stored in a non-library folder) will the grouping changes i make in iPhoto somehow be reflected in the original folder?

    I just want to get a bif of clarity as to what extent the underlying organisation of pictures changes when I make chagnes in iPhoto.

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Welcome to iPhoto..When you say chose an Event - Export your photo's are 'exported' as jpg files still with the original data like filename etc in other words the Metadata but they are just jpg files sorted as usual by filename. Anything that opens jpg will open them. Try it. Export to a new folder then you will see you can do what you like with the files in that folder.
    I am do you store photo's in iPhoto that are in a non-library folder? Iphoto only stores in Library that I know of.

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