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    Indesign / PDF color printing problem
    I have printed one color page out (from Acrobat Pro 9.4 also Indesign CS4) but the color came out very pale. Later I opened and printed the file in photoshop and the color came out fine.

    So what is wrong with the PDF file? How do I change the print quality setting on mac? I need to print 20 pages out... so I must print in pdf...

    am using HP deskjet F370

    Please help

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    When you print directly from InDesign, When you go to print, under the output tab, what is your color drop down menu set to?

    When you go to export your PDF, under the output tab, what is your color conversion tab set to?

    I work in the commercial printing business and can probably help you figure it out

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    If the file looks fine on screen, make sure you are using the color profile for that printer when printing from InDesign or Acrobat
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    OHH!!! i am NOT an expert at all. But i had this happen for a few months. Indesign files were not printing at 100% of their values on my inkjet. they printed fine at the BIG PRINTER, but not on my hardware.

    I posted several times on the adobe forums, heard lots of tricks, but ultimately it was the upgrade of my software for my new hardware that helped.

    i was using a version of cs2 on my new imac osx when this happened.

    i upgraded to cs5 a few months ago, and no longer have problems. Its been AWESOME with cs5. So, the only thing i can suggest is upgrading your software, or hardware. NOT sure this helps, but please know that i was very frustrated for a long time about this and tried lots of tricks getting around it. some worked. some didnt. but they all took time.

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