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    double menus in Photoshop CS5 save menu

    my photoshop CS5 save dialog menu shows double ups of some of the file formats.
    2 BMP's, 2 compuserve gif's, 2 PNG's.

    I have torn my hair out going through the Photoshop CS5 folder, but cant find the plug-ins any where.

    can anyone give me a clue as to where they are hiding so I can get rid of them.

    regards, Sandy
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    I would just do a re-install
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    If you have Onyx installed, you could try rebuilding launch services. This works for duplicated menu items in many OS X apps including Finder. I don't know if it will work with Photoshop.

    In Onyx, head for the Automation tab to find it.
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    Aug 12, 2010
    found the problem
    Adobe Tech finally told me that many of those plug ins were bundled into a 'universal' input plug-in that now handled several of those formats.

    I have been looking for duplicates....

    so after removing almost all input plug-ins keeping things like twain and silverfast, the problem ended...

    I wish they would say these things first..

    regards, Sandy

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