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    QuickTime(TM) and a Photo - JPEG decompressor are needed to see this picture. HELP!

    I work in a school and any docs I make at home have this message in place of all the pictures when I open them at work.

    The Microsoft Help tells me to convert each pic indevidually on the Mac using Photoshop, which I don't own and can't afford. Also I would like a solution that doesn't involve me saving each pic onto the mac in a different form using a go-between program, as this will slow my work down greatly.

    QuickTime PICT placeholder appears in the place of a graphic in PowerPoint 2000

    Is there some setting I can change or add-on I can download on the Mac that will dispense with this problem?

    I use Firefox on the Mac, if that's important.


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    You start off talking about 'docs', then go on to pictures then lob 'Powerpoint' into the equation. Can you clarify what exactly you are doing with what? And BTW whether you use Firefox or not is not relevant to any docs or Powerpoint.
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    Ok, if I copy an image from the internet, paste it into Microsoft Word for Mac at home then take it into school (PCs), the Word document opens, but the pictures are not displayed.

    Trust me, I never lobbed powerpoint anywhere, when I tried to get help from my ICT Helpdesk regarding my Word problem, they just sent me that link with no other clues.

    (In the past however, I have also had the same problem with powerpoint and it was never resolved. It just happens to be a Word document that I am struggling with at the moment, but I suspect that if the problem can be solved for Word it will probably be solved for Powerpoint with the same stroke.)


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    Why not copy it off the internet and paste it to your desktop? I don't use FF, but in Safari you can just drag the photo straight from the web page onto your desktop. It's probably the same in FF.
    It saves a .png file. If for some reason you need it to be a .jpg, you can then open the .png file in Preview and go to File>Save as... and save it as a .jpg. Maybe even create a folder on your desktop that you save those files to so you know where they are at all times.
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