We use Geneva as our main font in this office. It displayed and printed fine, including a 'forced bold' (actually quite nice) in Microsoft Word. However Adobe products wouldn't do this, so I downloaded this free 'Geneva Bold' set from this website.

However, on installing this I've come to realise that this isn't really Geneva Bold - it's smaller, the kerning and tracking are different - basically it looks rubbish, particularly next to Geneva Regular. So I tried to uninstall it, by deleting it from Font Book.

Now, Microsoft Word does not recognise any of the 'forced' Geneva Bold in the millions of Word documents we have, and either makes it invisible, or worse - Times New Roman Bold. Even reinstalling it doesn't always fix this.

The other problem is I've got everybody else in the office to install it. HELP! I just want to go back to the previous situation!