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    photobook vs scrapbook
    Well, these two words very confusing to me. What is their different?

    Photobook Software - Aperture,Iphoto,Ulead etc
    Scrapbook Software - Memory Suite, Scrapbook Factory , Hallmark, Broderbund etc.

    Can anyone tell the difference between these two , the pro and the cons? I see no difference in them but i must say scrapbook seems to have more clip arts, background template etc. and mostly can be purchase online and DIY at home but photobook company does not allow DIY at home.

    Is it the output that make them different? If i just want to use something simple at home and print it myself . DIY from A-Z which software has the strongest features, speed, good interface, output that one can just do it at home without have to use any of the commercial software and printers?

    Im thinking of a few scrapbook software like memory suite etc.
    Mac Scrapbooking 2011 - TopTenREVIEWS

    But before i make any purchase of any scrapbook , i just want to know if there's any photobook software that is able to compete with DIY scrapbook in the market right now.


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    Scrapbooks - cheezy, but good for cheezy subjects like baby pictures. IMO.

    Photobooks - more serious, professional-looking presentation of subjects.

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    Scrapbooks just tend to be more informal and less professional. Honestly, it is just a personal preference of how you want to show/present your pictures.

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