I am having some trouble with the preview of my freehand files BEFORE I open them.

I was having some trouble with the HD of my mac and send it to repair, the conclusion they gave me (mac techs) was to buy a new HD and reinstall the OS again. After the service, I reinstall all my mac apps.

Before the problem with the HD began, I could preview the freehand MX file I was about to open, I could see the preview in the "open file" window (sorry if that is not the correct name) just by selecting my freehand MX file, and in the right side of that window a thumbnail will appear.

Now after the reinstallation, I do the same, but the thumbnail is only a big freehand mx icon, no preview of the work inside the file is shown...

The OS is Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard.

Do i have to activate something on the control panel or something?

Your help is apreciated!!